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Exceptional Visionary Projects

Each Lado B real estate project is unique. We design, develop and market urban developments that – through distinctive common areas and unparalleled amenities – transform the lives of inhabitants solely by residing within the space itself.

Innovative Products + Superior Service = Lado B

We remain at the forefront of real estate with the principal aim of transforming landscapes throughout Mexico, while creating the trend of real estate that simplifies the lives of inhabitants.


We embrace transparency as a mantra in our business while promoting local development and social responsibility.


Each Lado B development is unique. We do not replicate because the future is not linear.

Personal attention and follow-up

We value our clients’ experience and provide everything necessary to make them feel comfortable while being a participator in any of our developments.

Capital gain

We visualize the performance and profitability of real estate investment so that the assets of our clients and investors continue to grow.

Who Are We?

Lado B is an urban development company with the primary objective of transforming lives. We believe that life should be simple and therefore our spaces are designed to provide uncomplicated living. At the same time, we focus on exceptionally unique design with differentiating and innovative amenities while offering completely customized service on a superior level. We centralize on using avant-garde technologies and following the latest trends not only for the development of each project, but also to guarantee an unmatched experience for our clients and investors.

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Invest in our developments and live in an inspiring space that changes lives.

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